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I’m really enjoying writing on Book 3 – Dragonfang. So far I’ve got two chapters done and I like them. I guess that’s something as I’m probably my own worst critic. But I realized something. In each book so far there have been a central people group and location where much of the book takes place. For example:

  • Book 1 travels through the Silva Forest (Home of some of the nymphs) along with other locations.
  • Book 2 begins with Attarmigar (Home of the Dwarfili) and moves through the Great Forest and beyond.
  • Book 3 begins in The Southern Swamplands (Home of the Ni’ Jal) and moves through the Plains of Gechel (Home of the Rorg).

For each people group so far I have had a specific style of music I like to listen to while writing. It’s not all I listen to, but I like to have something that, in my mind, fits with the culture of that people group. So:

  • For the nymphs I listen to New Age style music (Enya, Loreena McKennitt, etc.).
  • For the Dwarfili I listen to a lot of Celtic music (Great Big C, individual Celtic jigs I found, etc.).
  • For the Ni’ Jal, who are strongly modeled after Polynesian culture I wanted some Polynesian music, but not Don Ho.

I like Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, but I was thinking more the Ancient Polynesian style of music music, the upbeat type they play at Luau’s. Since most of Ancient Polynesian instruments were percussion instruments, by default most Polynesian music is percussion oriented. No problem right? I did some YouTube searches for this type of music and found quite a bit, but then I realized something. When limited to one type of instrument one limits oneself to a narrow scope of music. After a while all the ancient Polynesian music begins to sound the same and though I’m a fan of drum music, how long can I listen to drum beats alone. I did find some really cool music, two of which I posted here.

The first is just a traditional percussion type of music done by Kevin MacLeod. I pasted the link in here, check it out, it’s done well.


The other is a soundtrack version of the fairly popular Maori war chant put together with epic music.  I really like it…of course and I can’t just listen to a 2 minute clip over and over. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Embed video:

So take a listen and if you know of any similar type of music that might fit in with this style, please let me know. I would love to check it out.


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