The Sapphire Talisman — Chapter 2

Sapphire -- TitlepageSorry, I was supposed to post this last Friday, but got carried away with more mundane matters of life.  Still, with the barrage of requests that I got (not) I figured I better get Chapter 2 up soon.  Just click on the picture to the right to access Chapter 2.  If you’re reading this and you like it, please let me know you’re out there.  Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “The Sapphire Talisman — Chapter 2

  1. ill be sure to check out your fb page, and I know how it feels to write something and feel like no one is reading it, but don’t give up, keep writing and someone will see it just like I did 🙂 feel free to give my blog and fb page a visit too if you like 🙂


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