About Me

Writer imageRodney K. Wiebe lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children. He’s been writing as an amateur for over a decade, but only recently decided to pursue publication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC and a Masters in the Old Testament from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary in Fresno, CA. He has been reading fantasy from childhood and has enjoyed roaming the worlds he reads about in his imagination. However, in this world, he prefers his motorcycle to a horse and his pen to a sword.

The above paragraph isn’t completely true. I do love riding my motorcycle, but this past summer I had the opportunity to take riding lessons with my daughter. I’m far from a pro, but it was pretty fun to learn how to canter, trot, and even gallop. Furthermore, I do love writing a good yarn, but let’s be honest, if I could wield a sword with any type of accuracy, that would be cool.

 About this Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Like most people my identity is the sum of many different influences, but I’ve noticed that my writing identity has been greatly impacted by my faith as well as my love for most fantasy literature.  When  I was 10, in an attempt to encourage me to read, I was handed me a copy of the Hobbit.  After that there was no going back.  The first time I read Lord of the Rings it took me over a year and I was still in elementary school, but I persevered, because I loved it.  This webpage is dedicated to my two loves, theology and fantasy.  More specifically, I would like to explore the lessons I have internalized from J.R.R. Tolkien and how these lessons have impacted my own writing though at times I may explore other fantasy literature and how it compliments or speaks into my thoughts.  Of course my faith has also shaped my writing though I do not think of myself as a “Religious Writer.”

Oh, I almost forgot.  From time to time I am asked to speak in churches, small groups, or teach classes.  When I am fortunate enough to receive these invitations, I will post these opportunities under the “News” tab.  If you live in the lower Fraser Valley please feel free to join me at any or all of these events.  Consider this your invitation.  I will also use this tab to let you know any news regarding my path towards publication.  So any time I submit my book, or receive rejection letters or offers of publication I will share the information under the “News” tab.

And so my adventure begins.  I hope that you’ll come along and maybe share some thoughts of your own.  Thank you for choosing to be part of my journey, I look forward to your company.

~ Rodney

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